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Jagdamba offers the following variety of seals to suit different applications.

Seal Kit Set

Piston Seals

ELASTOMERIC Piston seals with integral anti- extrusion Rings are fitted as a standard for 160 bar application. Compact seals with bearing rings conforming to ISO: 6547 dimensions and leak-tight under normal operating conditions are optional. These are suitable for speeds up to 0.5 m/s and holding loads in position.

LOW FRICTION Piston Seals conforming to ISO:7425-1 grooves employ an elastomer energised PTFE ring and may be used for piston speed up to 5m/s. These are best suited where very low friction and an absence of stick-slip are needed, such as in Servo cylinders. These permit fine control of position, velocity and acceleration. However they are not suitable for load holding applications.

SPRING LOADED PTFE U-CUPS are suitable for low as well as high temperatures. For maximum dynamic sealing and to prevent turning or rolling, these seals are mechnically locked in place and pressed against tubing ID.

CAST IRON PISTON RINGS offer exceptional durability and are recommended for high temperature application. Leakage inherent in this design can result in slip, drift and varying feed rates and hence are not suitable for holding loads in position.

Rod Seals

POLYURETHANE internally lubricated Rod Seals with hardness of 900 Shore A, are compatible with a broad range of temperature and fluids. They have low compression set and excellent abrasion resistance. They are designed to install easily and function well in normal applications and are fitted as standard. Rod seals conforming to ISO 5597 are optional.

LOW FRICTION Rod Seals to suit ISO:7425-2 grooves, employ an elastomer energised PTFE ring and may be used for piston speeds upto 5m/s. These are used in conjunction with similar Piston Seals indicated alongside.

PTFE Rod Seals are pressure-energized and wear compensating, mechanically locked to prevent blowout and will endure temperatures upto 2300 F. They are compatible with most hydraulic fluids including fire-resistant types.

ROD WIPER protects the Rod Seal and bush from damage caused by dirt adhering to the rod. The lip of the wiper removes the finest dirt from the piston rod.


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